Macross Frontier (A New Love Found)

I just finished watching Macross Frontier, honestly, this is the only Macross series that I’ve finished watching and so glad I did.

I got hooked with the story, very refreshing and urges me to watch each and every ep as much as I can, also with the characters (one of the anime that has a very good character development) and their relationships, specially Sheryl Nome, Alto Saotome and Ranka Lee, forming a unique Love Triangle.

There is something with Sheryl that is very attracting, with her looks, strong attitude, the way she speaks and her vocals. Ranka has the childish attitude, soft-spoken and shy. Both of them have amazing singing voice, Sheryl’s singing voice is done by J-POP Artist May’n, and Ranka is done by Seiyu and Singer Megumi Nakajima (who is a Half-Japanese and Half Filipina 🙂 ). Some of May’n’s original songs were included in the series, one is “Diamond Crevasse” which is the best one for me.

 It’s been 3 years since the release of Macross Frontier, I’m thinking of making a review of this beautiful series soon, it’s not too late for everyone to watch it 🙂 . Here’s some videos: Live performance and some spoilers, enjoy!

Live Performance of Diamond Crevasse (1st Ending Theme of Macross Frontier) by May’n

Live Performance of Diamond Crevasse from Macross Frontier Concert Tour (May’n, Megumi Nakajima and composer Yoko Kanno)

Spoiler: One of the best of most memorable scene in Macross Frontier


One thought on “Macross Frontier (A New Love Found)

  1. yeah, it’s great series! Glad to see you digged it 🙂

    Now see the films, they are just as great and film version of the story resolves something left kinda, uhh, unclear in end of the anime. It’s a bit darker storyline but still awesome, the music is still absolutely fantastic and visuals take few leaps upwards! 🙂

    (note: Diamond Crevasse etc. were not May’n’s older songs, they were composed by Kanno for the project too)

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