Macross Frontier (A New Love Found)

I just finished watching Macross Frontier, honestly, this is the only Macross series that I’ve finished watching and so glad I did.


Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka Review is ON! (Finally!)

At last! Master Grade review page is now running again, and as a first serving, here is RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka, and you may be asking why is it the first one to be reviewed, well based from the stats, RX-78-2 Ver. Ka has the most number of clicks and visits here in my blog, so it’s very special, since its one of the reason why my blog has this good number of visits and views.

And for those who already know my blog from the start, you may notice that I already removed all of my old MG reviews, I said before that I will do a re-review to all of them, since I didn’t feel that I gave them the right justice or review. Now I have a much better set of tools, and my Gundam Mojo is back! Enough talk or explanation, cause here it is! Enjoy!

Longer than Expected

Sorry for the delay again, having problem with uploading and posting the review photos. Net connection has been so slow (too slow) for about 3 days, don’t know if the problem is my side or my ISP. Anyways, uploading is nearing its completion, so I expect to post my review later this night or tomorrow morning. Watch out! 😀

Upcoming SD Gunpla Kits (BB Senshi 25th Anniversary)

With the somewhat Successful HG line of Gundam AGE, Bandai is pushing it more, with the recent announcement of MG Gundam AGE-1 Normal Type, they are now introducing the SD line of the said series, with a bit of TWIST.

SD Gundam AGE-1 Titus, Normal and Spallow type

See something different? Main changes from the recent SD releases such as Unicorn, Wing ver. EW and 00 7 swords gundam, would be the EYES, well yeah, going back to the same root Bandai? Going back to the retro days, where SD BB senshi series have expressive eyes (like Sangokuden and Sengokuden series). Don’t know why they did it, on the brighter side, the body mold is good, can see a good amount of joints there, looks the same with the SD Wing ver. EW body type, the elbow joint is a given, and leg proportion is also much better. BUT… Really, whats with the EYES???


A Master Grade Review, Coming Up (in 3 days)

Renovations of my Review Pages are done, and my first Master Grade review (Re-Review) will be up in 3 days, Thursday to be exact. And oh boy, I’m so excited!  See you guys on Thursday!

Gunpla Update 4

Here we go again, another round of Gunpla Update! Now what do we have here… Oh yes! Some New MG kits to be released next year and a couple of HG’s and an RG as well.

First up, a couple of blueprint for new Master Grade kits: Duel Gundam Assault Shroud and Gundam Age-1 Normal Type


Lots of Gundam Contest and Giveaways!

There comes a day or a month in a year where a contest will take place. But I think for this year, or near end of this year up to start of next year, there’s a lot of it, and you’ll find yourself having a hard time which contest to join.

Here are the Gundam Contest that you can join right now:

Gundam Guy’s  G-SHOT for 2011

Submission/contest starts November 1st, 2011 and will end December 31st, 2011

Click image for more info>>

This is a worldwide online Gunpla Photo Submission Contest where participants would compete in 5 different Categories.


– Best Gunpla Photo

– Best Diorama

– Best Customized Gunpla

– Best Paint Job

– Best Straight Build