Upcoming SD Gunpla Kits (BB Senshi 25th Anniversary)

With the somewhat Successful HG line of Gundam AGE, Bandai is pushing it more, with the recent announcement of MG Gundam AGE-1 Normal Type, they are now introducing the SD line of the said series, with a bit of TWIST.

SD Gundam AGE-1 Titus, Normal and Spallow type

See something different? Main changes from the recent SD releases such as Unicorn, Wing ver. EW and 00 7 swords gundam, would be the EYES, well yeah, going back to the same root Bandai? Going back to the retro days, where SD BB senshi series have expressive eyes (like Sangokuden and Sengokuden series). Don’t know why they did it, on the brighter side, the body mold is good, can see a good amount of joints there, looks the same with the SD Wing ver. EW body type, the elbow joint is a given, and leg proportion is also much better. BUT… Really, whats with the EYES???

And then, with the Celebration of SD (Super Deformed) BB Senshi Gundam Line’s 25th Anniversary, Bandai is trying to re-release some of the very first or much known SD kits in new mold. Here’s some of the first few official image:

SD Musha Gundam

SD Knight Gundam

SD Command Gundam

SD Musha looks good and promising, but given the SD notoriety with details, wonder how many parts needs painting and detailing to make it look good and the same with the promo picture.

Source: Muso Photogallery


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