It’s not the End!

OMG! No post, no review, nothing had changed and happened for almost half a year here in this blog, “Is this the End of this blog?”… I’ve been thinking about it, from the time/days that I’m away from my computer and my absence from this gundam and blog community, I’m like “what did happened? suddenly I don’t have much time or no time at all for this kind of things, is it work? is it personal priorities and etc.?”… hmm maybe there is something more, this THING, this HOBBY, time will come that you’ll have this feeling that you’re not into it anymore, or some says burn-out… And it almost come to the point of quitting… BUT, hopefully NOT YET! Something just made me excited, and brings my passion back for this hobby. And that is for Good!

I may lack some things or a lot of things for blogging and reviewing, as I noticed, I haven’t posted or released all of my review pages. Months, years passed, I can only see about 4 or 5 items in my review pages, and a lot of pending promises. That’s how and why this blog looks dead, no updates, no change.

Saw this floating in the net, hahaha, I can relate, REALLY! LOL!



YMSN-06 Proto Sinanju (Sinanju’s History)

Who would think that the Mean Red Machine called Sinanju in OVA Gundam Unicorn, is a former Gundam. It was created by Anaheim Electronics to aid in the development of the new NT-D System and completing the RX-0  Unicorn Gundam. However, in U.C. 0094, the Proto Sinanju was stolen by the remnants of Neo Zeon, know as “The Sleeves”, now modified and used as the personal machine of their leader, Full Frontal.

Source: GundamGuy

MG 1/100 Gundam 00 Seven Sword Boxart

The Box says is it all… And I’m speechless XD


Heavy Weapon/Armaments for Gundam H-Arms, Sandrock and Shenlong (ver. Ew)

Concept weapon and armor upgrades for the mobiles suits from Gundam Wing ver. EW series.

Gundam Sandrock does have a thick heavy armor that is called the Armadillo Armor, making the simple MS to a Beast!


1/144 Gundam GP04 Gerbera Resin Cast Kit

Although not a plastic model kit but a resin cast, this is really a must have, too bad they are so expensive. So the closest thing for me to see its beauty is in pictures.

Now please Bandai, please! A HGUC or rather an MG version of this please!

1/144 MS Hangar/Cage

Definitely useful, specially for display purposes. Image above with HGUC 1/144 Gundam Unicorn (Destroy Mode), imitating its MG counterpart the HD version Unicorn with MS cage. Wish there is one for 1/100 scale, great for photo shoots.

Gunpla Update 3

Whew! After a very long hiatus (Sorry, lots of personal things happened), what a good way to say “I’m Back!” is to barrage you guys with Gunpla Update. Saw a lot of gundam related things this past few days, and think that it is good to share my thoughts about it.

Lets Start!

HGUC 1/144 RGM-96X Jesta

Grunt units in Gundam Unicorn, they really do look so fierce. It really is hard to tell the it is a GM (aside from the single visor head), and also the color scheme again is unique after the ReZel and Jegan Ecoas type, so unique that it became confusing. From the Boxart, color scheme looks more of a brown-greysih with a touch of indigo (sounds confusing argghh!), then from the scans it’s more of a dark-toned or blackish-blue with blue all over it,.. And then this came up from the C3 x Hobby convention: