Lots of Gundam Contest and Giveaways!

There comes a day or a month in a year where a contest will take place. But I think for this year, or near end of this year up to start of next year, there’s a lot of it, and you’ll find yourself having a hard time which contest to join.

Here are the Gundam Contest that you can join right now:

Gundam Guy’s  G-SHOT for 2011

Submission/contest starts November 1st, 2011 and will end December 31st, 2011

Click image for more info>>

This is a worldwide online Gunpla Photo Submission Contest where participants would compete in 5 different Categories.


– Best Gunpla Photo

– Best Diorama

– Best Customized Gunpla

– Best Paint Job

– Best Straight Build


Danny Choo and Hobby Link Japan’s Gundam Giveaway

Posted by Danny Choo himself on his blog, together with HLJ, they are giving away Gundam Kits.

Click Image for more info>>

Gundam kits to be given away:

– 1x 1/60 PG Strike Freedom Gundam

– 2x 1/100 MG FA Gundam

Contest already on its second week, will end soon, so join now. Click the image above for the “How to’s”

2012 Mecha Contest

Another worldwide online gundam photo submission contest with a twist, this time you need to show your W.I.P’s or Work In Progress. But not just that, there’s more…

Click image for more info>>

Contest will start next year, January 1st 2012 to be exact, click image above for Rules and Faq’s.

And I forgot, this contest is one of the BIGGEST, as in HUGE!


So there you have it, choose one, or choose all and join, Good Luck to all! And also to me! 😀

Sources: dannychoo, gundamguy, dc23mecharts


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