Gunpla Update 4

Here we go again, another round of Gunpla Update! Now what do we have here… Oh yes! Some New MG kits to be released next year and a couple of HG’s and an RG as well.

First up, a couple of blueprint for new Master Grade kits: Duel Gundam Assault Shroud and Gundam Age-1 Normal Type

with the re-release and remastered (HD) version of its animated series Gundam Seed, Bandai announced this MG Duel Assault Shroud, of the original first five MS that we’ve seen in the series. So that means Buster, Blitz and Aegis will come next, or even a Strike ver. 2.0 (low possibility, or just a recolored like the Wing Gundam ver. EW). Oh and also, noticed that Duel has its familiarity with Astray design, hmm… Will it use Astray’s inner frame? or it will have a new one? The safest one would be Aegis, since it is a transformable unit, it will have a unique inner frame, guaranteed! 😀

MG Gundam Age-1 Normal, anyone? Hmm, I haven’t seen any episodes of the series, so I can’t do or say any judgement. But after seeing a lot of promotional images, HG kits reviews, I think the design is slowly growing on me, but still, legs, feet and face is a bit off in my opinion.

Black Unicorn!

This is expected, and at the end of Gundam Unicorn ep. 4 where this MS showed up, everyone goes “I want MOOOORRREEE!!!”. As you can see, most parts are recolored HGUC Unicorn Gundam (both in Destroy and Unicorn mode), with some few tweaks like a claw on the left hand and a beam gun on the right. Same type of packaging? Where the Lion Mode includes the Bazooka and Destroy Mode includes Beam Rifle and Beam sabers. Oh, and yes, Banshee is a LION.

Look, a real Skygrasper!

MG only have Sword and Launcher Strike, while PG has the Skygrasper, now how about both of them, for REAL! After the RG Freedom Gundam, next would be RG Skygrasper with Sword/Launcher suit, upgrading your RG Aile Strike, now that is SWEET! RG line is going gaga with Gundam Seed series eh? Now I wonder, what’s the point of re-releasing HG kits from gundam seed/destiny? why not just release them in RG or in MG? Am I right?

And last but not the Lightest!

The last from the EW version of Gundam Wing series, Gundam Heavyarms EW. And it is HEAVY! Love that huge machine/gatling gun, I remember, when it is using its machine gun to blow enemy MS, lots of huge shrapnel comes out of it, imagine a shrapnel like that falling from above and hit you, D#MN OUCHH!! And how cool Trowa (its Pilot) is that when all of its armaments/ammo is used up, he will activate its self destruct system (well almost all of the Wing pilots are like that) and BOOM! This would be one of the most famous, well knowned MS, pre-order now as I can see stocks of this solding out fast!


So my Gundam-Like for next year, would be:

– MG Duel Assaultshroud

– MG Heavyarms ver EW

– RG Skygrasper Sword/Launcher

but, only Heavyarms would be on my top priority list. How bout you guys?


Source: GundamGuy


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