Remember the post i had about the Mr. Super Clear Flat Topcoat that i bought and planned to use….

—-  this is the result,… naah, i did not use Mr. Super Clear, what i’ve used is Bosny Flat Clear, and the result is decent, or much better at all. so from now on, I gotta buy all of those Bosny cans!! yeah!!!

Mr. Super Clear cost P585.oo (peso) here in our country, take note it is very small, compare to a can of Bosny which only cost P150 (peso). so much savings there, ALRIGHT!!!


16 thoughts on “WONDERS of BOSNY

  1. Hi,

    Nice blog you have there. Very informative and you have great gundam reviews. I currently own 3 MGs- Strike Freedom, Sword/ Launcher Strike and G Gundam. I am planning to get the MG Wing Zero Custom next month.

    I would like to get more information on applying Bosny Flat Clear coat, how do you apply the coat? Did you apply it on a fully assembled Gundam or did you dismantle the armor parts and spary paint them?

    I am planning to apply a coating to my MGs to protect the decals as most of the water transfer decals I bought for my G Gundam came right off by mere touching them… (I got them in greattoys for P350… OUCH!)

    I hope you can feature more models in the future…. My boss has Musha and Musha MK-II, which I drooled on. hahaha.

    More power and God bless!

    • hey there! thanks for viewing my blog

      for the BOSNY application, I apply it to separate parts, like left leg, right leg, upper body, wings/backpack, wait for it to dry, then put them back together… just make sure that you apply or spray it a good distance, not too far coz it may result into rough surface, not too near as it will result into a blot or white surface/bubbly… just about 12″ is ok

      yup, I do still have a lot of kits here waiting for review, the problem is, i’ve been busy with these past months, but I will try to post it as much as I can…


  2. Hello!

    Thanks for this post. You’ve confirmed my theory that bosny flat clear coat will have a decent result. You’re bold to try it on an MG first. BTW, you can buy bosny flat clear coat @ Divisoria if you’re from manila at around 75 pesos each (the same with other bosny paints there). Try to look @ 999 mall and 168. I ordered an MG wing zero from greattoysonline and is still waiting for it to arrive.
    I’ll test drive the bosny on my recently built 1/144 HG GN-000 0 Gundam.

    My Gunplas ATM:
    1/100 HG Heavy Arms Custom (‘battle damaged’ from falling from top of the cabinet, pretty hard-to-find now. I’ll have to battle damage it more to look good again)
    1/100 MG G Gundam (the 30th anniv one that haz clear parts)
    1/144 FG Exia (I’ve painted it to atleast look like an HG)
    1/144 HG GN-000 0 Gundam (the one that’s colored white and grey with GN feathers)
    1/100 HG Shenlong Gundam (pretty rare now IMO)
    1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom (the 30th anniv one that haz clear parts)

    Thanks for the post again!

    • ur welcome! yeah, it took me a lot of courage to try it out with an MG first, since I dont have any other scale back then rather than MG’s (well, HG 1/144 is kinda too small for me, but that may change ^_^)…

      but after I tried it, I’m very satisfied with the results, much better, and the adhesion is much stronger (not easily scratch like those expensive mr. topcoat or mr. super clear), and way more cheaper

      well, goodluck on your builds!

      thanks for dropping by!

  3. BTW, what mods do you do on your gunplas? Do you:

    close seams using cement/putty?
    thoroughly sand every part?
    spraypaint/handpaint the whole kit?

    I suck at panel lining badly. Can you please give some tips?

    • well, I dont do any mods at all, they are just OOB straightbuild, with some minor paint touch ups

      – no I dont use cement/putty, cause im not that hardcore builder or modder, I think it’s only applicable if you will be painting the whole kit later

      – sanding, only a bit, if there are some impurities on the plastic surface or if ever the topcoat goes rough, it will make it smooth

      – hanpaint for small details but rarely, I usually use gundam markers or some colored sharpies

      – for panel lining, well I want my gundams to have a light panel lines, or more of a shadow, I use technical pen for dark colored plastic. tip is 0.1, then for lght colored parts, mechanical pencil is what I used

  4. OMG so my planning of buying bosny flat clear is not a mistake at all yes!!! thanks sir for this! thats a relief in my pocket ahaha!

  5. Hi, sorry I am new at gunpla making. what is the basic process for applying the top coat? Do you have to spray paint it first with the desired color before applying the top coat?

    or you can directly just apply the top coat? Thanks in advance.

    • If you are planning to paint it, then paint it first, let it dry then apply the topcoat, Spray it all over, left to right, top to bottom. I spray it from around 9-12″ distance, too close will create frosting, too far will create rough surface.

      You can also apply it directly to bare plastic, like what I’m doing. It will cover up blemishes as well as minor scratches.

  6. bosny cans only cost php70 pesos at 168. metallic @ 90php, chrome @ 130php. so you can save a lot by dropping by 168.

  7. 168 is simply the best and cheapest way to get your Gundam kits and painting materials 🙂 I always love dropping by there 😀

  8. Did you fog up the clear plastic on the chest part? Im planning to put top coat on my mg unicorn but it has 2 many clear parts… Any advice? Some clear parts is a part of inner frame

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